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Are you up for an adventure and ready to chill on the lagoon? Then embark on a liveaboard dive cruise! ODYSSEY Diving organizes liveaboard for groups.

Depending on your preferences and diving level, we can create the itinerary that suits you best. Whether it's a 2 to 15 day cruise exploring the South Lagoon or venturing to the D'Entrecasteaux reefs via the West Coast and North Lagoon, let us introduce you to the underwater gems of New Caledonia's lagoons!

With over 15 years of experience exploring reefs and our expert approach as marine biologists, you'll enjoy an unparalleled experience on our liveaboard.

For your comfort and based on your navigation preferences, our cruises take place on either sail or motor catamarans.

Ensuring your safety and allowing you to fully indulge in your passion for diving are our top priorities.


During your cruise, you'll be accompanied by a professional skipper and a certified dive instructor. Set your mind at ease and explore the best dive sites, including drift diving!


Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more and obtain a customized quote for the liveaboard cruise that suits you.

Partez en croisière plongée dans le plus grand lagon du monde sur notre catamaran pour observer les baleines
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