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About us

Dive center

ODYSSEY Diving is a diving club that offers a unique diving experience, thanks to our extensive knowledge of the reefs and lagoons of New Caledonia, based on 15 years of exploration.


In order to share our passion for the underwater world, ODYSSEY Diving organizes group outings, day trips, and diving cruises!

During our diving excursions, you will always find a sense of adventure.


Additionally, our marine biologist instructors will help you better understand the surrounding biodiversity.


So come and discover the underwater world with ODYSSEY Diving ;-)

Who manages the club ?
Dr Bastien PREUSS

Bastien PREUSS is the founder and manager of ODYSSEY Diving. He holds a Ph.D. in Marine Ecology from the University of New Caledonia and has worked for 6 years at the IRD and IFREMER in Nouméa.


Bastien PREUSS is also an underwater photographer and a level 2 photography instructor. He has received numerous awards in various competitions, has been a 4-time champion of underwater photography in New Caledonia, and has represented New Caledonia five times in the French championship.


With a deep passion for the underwater world, Bastien lives his passion and shares it with others. He remains actively involved in studying the marine environment and will guide you in discovering the extraordinary biodiversity of the reefs and lagoons of New Caledonia through the eyes of a scientist and photographer.

ODYSSEY Diving: an unparalleled diving experience!

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Let's take concrete action for our environment!
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In order to take concrete action for the environment, we actively seek solutions on a daily basis to reduce our impact and improve the health of our surroundings. ODYSSEY Diving operates on three levels:

  1. By regularly collaborating with environmental associations in New Caledonia. For example, we participate in the annual monitoring of coral reef health with the association Pala Dalik l'écho du récif.

  2. Through everyday practices such as maximizing the use of mooring buoys and utilizing durable, non-disposable equipment.

  3. By planting trees in New Caledonia through our partnership with the CaledoClean association. This helps in restoring habitats and making meaningful contributions to carbon offsetting.


We are committed to making a positive difference and ensuring a sustainable future for our environment.

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